Rugged Phone Holder RPH40XX


Comes with an integral spring belt clip

The RPH40XX fits the following phones:

Blick M1

Blick M2

Elmeg Dect 400-20, 400-40

Forte DECT 4020, 4040

Innovaphone IP52, IP54

Kirk Telecom 40XX series

Multitone CH72, CH74, CH76


Nortel 4135,4145 (North America)

Nortel 7430, 7440 (Europe)

Polycom 4020,4040,4060

SpectrLink 4020

Tadirand T404

Telrad Connegy Avanti 4020

Telrad Connegy Avanti 4040

Tiptel Z-4020, Z-4040,

After we developed the rugged phone holder RPH40XX, it was extensively tested and approved for use by Kirk Telecom (now Polycom).