Who we are and what we do!

3WM was founded in 2003 to provide integrated solutions to its clients in the telecommunications and security industries. As the Company’s business evolved, CEO Dennis Archer identified a new opportunity to provide custom design and manufacturing of specialized telecommunications products.

There was a high rate of damage to many of the new and expensive wireless phones which were then being introduced. Experience quickly showed that the harsh retail and industrial environments where these new phones were used resulted in an unacceptably high degree of breakage when the handsets were inadvertantly dropped or banged.

3WM decided to design a protective cover for one of the most popular handsets (RPH 3040) and three months later submitted its prototype to the manufacturer, Kirk Telecom (now owned by Polycom). Kirk Telecom tested and approved the design and 3WM began to manufacture the holders in quantity. Since that time, 3WM has developed protective covers for a wide variety of portable business phones made by most of the world’s largest telecommmunications manufacturerts. 3WM now supplies its products on an OEM basis to customers around the world.

3WM has gone on to develop a line of related products for the telecommunications industry. To resolve the problem of installing base stations and repeaters in large industrial and commercial environments, such as “big box stores”, 3WM developed a custom mounting bracket for Kirk Telecom’s Wireless Base Station. The bracket kit (UMB1) allows the technician to quickly mount a base station or repeater unit from steel girders or suspended ceilings. The resulting standardized installation saves technicians time and eliminates the necessity of engineering custom installations for each site.

3WM products are designed manufactured in Canada, and are distributed globally. Our Headquarters is in Ottawa.

We are always interested in new ventures and partnerships with manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Please contact us if you would like to explore establishing a business relationship with 3WM.